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eMedia Revolution! Take back your power! Duplicate Yourself! Work faster, greener, easier with eMedia!  Learn how here on Web Campus World Wide!

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WcWW Presents Audeo Academy's online education for the true entrepreneur. We work around your busy schedule.

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An introduction that helps people decide if starting a business is for them.

Pillar One: Dare to Own an Income-Producing Business!

Audeo Academy dares individuals to own an income-producing business. The “Dare to Own” pillar includes going through all of the steps to get your income-producing business set up and running.

  • Business Set-up
  • Mentor Courses

Pillar Two: Dare to Lead & Grow Your Business!

Audeo Academy for Entrepreneurs teaches the skills that help individuals to "Dare to lead and grow a business".  Entrepreneurial training helps honorary entrepreneurs learn how to think like an entrepreneur, market, promote, grow, build and monetize.

  • Kim Power Stilson - "Choose Surthrival"
  • Donna Root - "Speed of Thought" 
  • Jim Simpson - "Finance! Invest! Save!"

Pillar Three: Dare to Execute & Implement!

Audeo teaches the "Dare to execute what you learn by implementing" skills in real-life projects to gain experience. Participating in world-class business projects gives honorary entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from experience during their six months with Audeo Academy.


Pillar Four: Dare to Improve and Give Back!

Audeo teaches the "Dare to improve and give back to your community and the world" pillar has honorary entrepreneurs creating events that draw crowds and invite people to improve their local and national communities by giving back.


  • Audeo Battle of the Bands - fundraiser for the Mountain View girls basketball team


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eMedia training helps Mom run her business from Home! eMedia helped this stay-at-home Mother and small business owner!   Meet Debbie Roberts, mother of 3, and education entreprenuer:
" I can compete on and offline strategicially without the help of a world class marketing team.  I know how to market and sell using eMedia strategy and tools that net results . . . sales . . . and don't cost me anything! I can now afford to promote my own business THANKS to the eMedia training on Web Campus World Wide!"

Why wait?  Beat the economic odds by starting today!
Meet Dave Ryan of The Thatch Pub Ever visited an online Pub?  eMedia  took this entreprenuer and his Irish Pub into the the 21st Century!  
"I knew I needed to take my local business online but it was always a struggle to find the right web assistance.  I decided to do it myself andI took the entire 21st Century 5-Step course and it changed the way I did business offline in the pub and online with my site and strategic promotions. II am a lifetime fan of Web Campus World Wide's  "eMedia  for your Business" 5-Step Training Series!"
Why wait?  Beat the economic odds by starting today!
Do you have a 21st Century-style Dentist? Is your dentist saving money and providing extended patient communications by using 21st Century tools online?    Meet Kimberly Bilotta and find out how Dr. Bruce Glover's dental office in Southern California extends customer care with eMedia. “Social and eMedia has rapidly grown to be a big part of everyone’s lives,” said Kimberly Bilotta.  “As a dental office we wanted to reach into the 21st Century to extend our patient care through online communication.”  I really wish I had learned it all sooner but now I can provide an invaluable service to our dental office and our patients.” 

Why wait?  Beat the economic odds by starting today!
Is Your Medical Office available Online? Find out how this medical office, Aspen Dermatolgoy is learning to use eMedia to help their local and global clients!  “As a dermatology office we wanted to reach into the 21st Century to extend our progressive patient care through online communication,”said Michael Moore of Aspen Dermatology.  “With all the advances in modern medicine we keep up with, we realize we also need to keep abreast of the way our clients communicate especially as eMedia has rapidly grown to be a big part of everyone’s lives.  Learn how with the 21st Century eMedia eMPowerment Series.  Take 5 easy steps online to learn what you need to know about marketing, selling, connecting your business to customers online!
Why wait?  Beat the economic odds by starting today!
WcWW Web Campus World Wide's eMedia Mission We teach business owners how to market, sell, connect & compete online using 21st Century eMedia tools! 5 Easy Steps to your company's 21st Century Success with our online "eMedia for Your Business" 5-Step Training Series!

Step ONE: Strategy!"24 Hours to Zero Down Marketing"
Step TWO:Tools!"Using Social & eMedia Tools to Promote Your Business"
Step THREE: Sales! "Connect & Sell to Your Customers Online!"
Step FOUR: Freedom!"Learn to Hostage Proof Your Own Website!"
Step FIVE: Velocity!"Make Global Connections & Launch Your Business Worldwide"

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